Hanson Mowing

Want to know more?

Where are we located

We are based in Weldon Spring, but cover quite a bit more. A short list would be, Wentzville, O’Fallon, St. Charles, Chesterfield St. Peters, and Weldon Spring. We will travel farther out for specific landscaping opportunities.


We are completely covered by insurance should any misfortune happen just as an added layer of protection for you.

What we do to keep your lawn looking the best.

As a high quality lawn service, we take pride in what we do. To ensure that you have a the best looking lawn on the block we do a few thing others sometime overlook. To start we ensure that all of our mowers have sharp blades so that we are actually cutting the grass and not tearing it. We like to cut at round 4″ such that the optimal amount of grass is exposed to sun and water which give a deep color, helps against hot dry summers, but keeps and even looking lawn. We build up a nice thick and tall edge to crate a nice border to your landscaping and concrete.